Top 5 Best and Worst Casting Choices in Superhero movies

5. Best: Andrew Garfield in “The Amazing Spiderman”


Being a die hard Spiderman fan or “SpiderFan”, I was kinda ready to really hate The Amazing Spiderman. The trailer didn’t really impress me and I didn’t think Andrew Garfield had the talent to hold such a iconic superhero. Well, turns out I was 100% wrong, not only is this one of the best Spiderman movies I have ever seen… Period, but Andrew Garfield is just so likeable as Peter Parker/Spiderman and just owns the role as his own. While this may not be the traditional Peter Parker we know from the comic books, they did a pretty good job updating the character, the original Peter is still there but with a hint of loner and dork mixed in.

My personal favorite scene is when Spiderman is stopping a guy from stealing a car and he just starts screwing with him and it’s pretty funny. While the scene was playing, all I was thinking was; That’s him, that is Spiderman. Hopefully, Andrew can keep this likeable persona going for the sequel.

5. Worst: Nicholas Cage in “Ghost Rider”

Ghost Rider

Johnny Blaze, in the comic books; is young, good-looking, blonde, stuntman… So it only makes sense to cast the walking punchline Nicholas Cage who is middle aged, and brown-haired. Now… Ghost Rider is not the worst superhero movie I’ve ever seen but it’s still pretty bad. I know Nicholas Cage is actually a big fan of the comic book hero and probably tried his best at a good performance but they could have found someone better for the role… Chris Hemsworth comes to mind.

4. Best: Michael Keaton in “Batman”


Ok… I know a lot of people really like Christian Bale as Batman but I’m sorry, I just don’t see it. The voice, the look, it just doesn’t work for me. For me, Michael Keaton was the better Batman because he just seemed so cool and fearless as Batman, like you should be terrified of this guy if he emerged from the shadows. I didn’t get that with Bale’s performance, I felt like Bale was playing someone trying way to hard to be intimidating and scary (That voice did not help) but with Keaton, it just came naturally. Although the big question is, which Batman will Ben Affleck channel in Batman vs. Superman.

4. Worst: George Clooney in “Batman and Robin”

Batman Robin

Talk about a performance where George Clooney just did not give a shit. Watching this, you just know he was not putting his all into the role and just wanted it to be all over and run home with his paycheck. This is one of those movies where no one was on their game. Arnold Schwartzenegger was horribly miscast as Mr. Freeze but at least his role is so bad that it’s funny. Uma Thurman was hilariously hammy in the role of Poison Ivy and Chris O’Donnell was just as useless as he was in Batman Forever. Even with all these horrible performances, Clooney still stands on top of them all.

3. Best: Kelsey Grammer in “X-Men: Last Stand”


For some reason, people seem to forget about this one and I don’t know why. Even though X-Men: Last Stand was a god awful movie, people seem to forget that Kelsey Grammer was absolutely perfect in the role of Beast. Kelsey has the intelligent attitude and the terrific look of Beast in all that blue fur. Looking at him, I just knew Marvel had found their Beast… For only one crappy movie… Genius.

3. Worst: Ben Affleck in “Daredevil”


Ben Affleck is in no way a terrible actor, he’s had is his share of good performances and bad performances but one of his worst ones is definitely Daredevil. I don’t know if he just didn’t have any sense of what Daredevil was or who Matt Murdock was but he was just putrid in this movie which is a shame because late actor Michael Clarke Duncan was a pretty good Kingpin. Hopefully Ben can bring home a better performance with Batman, and if he doesn’t… He’s still a damn fine director.

2. Best: Thomas Jane in “The Punisher”

The Punisher

I’m thinking this one might be more personal than realistic but I’m sorry, I just think Thomas Jane was born to portray the Punisher. He’s got the energy, he’s got the look and most importantly, he’s got the attitude. The Punisher movie got me interested in Thomas Jane portraying the Marvel anti-hero but it was the youtube short “Dirty Laundry” was convinced me that Thomas Jane is and will forever be The Punisher.

2. Worst: The whole cast in “The Fantastic Four”

Fantastic Four

It still baffles me that this movie got a sequel. While everyone, with the slight exception for Chris Evans as Johnny Storm, was terrible in their roles it’s Jessica Alba as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman who really takes the cake. It’s obvious that she was only put in this role as eye candy for all the horny comic book nerds who never get laid because she has the acting range of a bucket of mud. Everyone else is just boring to watch… I wish I can say that the reboot is going to be better but have you seen whose going to be playing The Thing.

1. Best: Robert Downey Jr. in “Iron Man”


I think Stan Lee said it best when he stated that Robert Downey Jr. was exactly what he had in mind when he created the character. Robert Downey Jr. captures the likeable asshole personality of Tony Stark so perfectly. I think this is because Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark, he has the exact same personality as the comic book character. Even though Robert can’t play the role forever, because by the time Avengers 3 comes out he’ll be in his mid fifties, we can still enjoy his presence in these movies for another few years.

1. Worst: Anna Paquin in “X-Men Movies”


For some reason, I never really see this topping other lists like this and I really don’t know why. I’ve seen Rogue portrayed in the comic books and in the shows as a tough, take no shit woman and bit of a cock tease for the fellas… So obviously it makes sense to cast an awkward teenage looking girl and write her as a sad, frightened little girl who ends up being the damsel in distress by the end of the first movie. Now I don’t think any of the first three movies are fantastic but Anna Paquin is a terrible choice for Rogue and my pick for the worst superhero casting choice.

One thought on “Top 5 Best and Worst Casting Choices in Superhero movies

  1. bigbuffguy95 says:

    No offense, but your top choice is completely asinine. Yes, the Rogue of the movies is a lot different than the source material, but that had nothing to do with the casting. It was a writing decision*. Take it up with David Hayter. Paquin did a fine job with the part she was given.

    *This is the oh-so mysterious “reason” why she doesn’t show up at the top of other lists on this subject because those writers apparently understand the difference between casting and writing.

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